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Horridge House History

The home was built in 1859 by Dr. Hewett B. Clingan. An exact duplicate was built across the street by Dr. William S. Boyd. Dr. Clingan sold the property to Willis Franklin Williams (he also owned the home at 605 2nd Ave, now the Phillips Funeral Home) in 1867 and he sold it to George & Elizabeth Horridge in 1869. It is an excellent example of Carpenter Gothic-style architecture. The house is made of brick believed to be of the local brickyards of that era. The original brass lion head door knocker is still attached to the front door. There is also a Romanesque sculptural relief, which was brought back from Italy by Carrie Horridge (George’s second wife) and in the parlor is a beautiful French pier mirror also brought to the house by Carrie Horridge.

George Horridge was born on May 26, 1833 in Washington County, PA. He moved to Vinton in 1858. He was a local tinsmith and community leader. Records show that he was subject to military duty in the months of June & July 1863 at the age of 30. He was a 1st Sergeant during his time in the Civil War.  George married Elizabeth Taylor Rock on October 29, 1863 (previously married to George's business partner Augustus Herman “AH” Rock). Augustus Herman Rock died in 1861 at the age of 38, his cause of death is unknown. Before George's marriage to Elizabeth, he lived with AH and Elizabeth in their home in Vinton. Elizabeth was 11 years older than George. Elizabeth Rock Horridge was born December 18, 1824 and died in Lake Charles, LA on April 13, 1900.

George married Carrie Smyth in Chicago in 1902. George was 30 years older than Carrie. Carrie Smyth was born on November 3, 1864 in Harmony, PA. Carrie’s mother, Catherine Smyth, who was just four years older than George, lived with them in their Vinton home during the end of her life. Carrie built on an upstairs apartment for her mother, and also a lower level living area (attached to the original kitchen) when her mother could no longer care for herself. Carrie’s mother died in the home on December 20, 1926. On September 10, 1948 Carrie fell down the stairs of her home causing her to break her hip. She was admitted into Virginia Gay Hospital where she stayed until her death on January 22, 1949. It is also noted on her death certificate that the cause of death was chronic nephritis (inflammation of the kidneys).

On April 6, 1930 George Horridge died of old age in the house that he made his home.

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Carrie Horridge

Carrie Horridge

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